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Programming Committee


The Programming Committee is a select group of dedicated volunteers who were drawn to the RJeneration community and with time became lay leaders, who create, mold, and facilitate RJeneration programs and events. Each Committee member is responsible for at least one program area, based on his or her personal interests, and contributes to the event designs and implementation. 

If you have an idea for an RJeneration event that you want to see realized or if you would like to assist the Programming Committee in an upcoming event, please email Veronica Price.


Veronica Price has been the Program Manager at RJeneration since 2011.  Prior to this position Veronica worked as a marketing and strategy specialist for ITAC, assisting start-ups in New York City with business planning and execution, enabling them to succeed. Veronica continues to provide marketing guidance to businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

Veronica has been a prominent presence in the Russian Jewish community since chairing the first Dor Chadash leadership program with the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst. As one of COJECO’s first BluePrint Fellows in 2008, she designed a historical scavenger hunt of the Lower East Side leading to a live game played by 150 RuJews for 7 hours. Today, Veronica manages the Brandeis Jewish Leadership Incubator program, coaches new BluePrint Fellows, and runs a successful photography company among her many entrepreneur ventures.

Veronica was born in Kharkov and raised in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. Emigrating to the US during the early 1988 wave she settled in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, one of the first new Soviet arrivals in a traditional Italian neighborhood.  Veronica currently lives in Ditmas Park Brooklyn with her husband and children. 


Anna Goldshteyn came to New York twenty years ago from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Exploration of her Jewish roots began with her Yeshiva education, one that was unthinkable where her family was from. After graduating from Hunter College with a degree in English Language Arts, she started attending events hosted by various organization available to Russian American Jewry in New York. Soon she became involved in RJeneration and later joined the programming committee. She organized a successful trip to Montreal for participants to explore the city and the local Russian Jewish community there, and looks forward to organizing more adventures in the future.


Misha Gorn was born in Tomsk, Siberia and moved to the United States with his family in 1992 . His first involvement in Jewish life began after his Taglit Birthright trip with Columbia University Hillel in 2001. Michael became a madrich with the Chicago based group Shorashim in 2003 and later joined Ezra Olami as a madrich as well. After completing the Dor Chadash Leadership Development Institute conducted by JCH of Bensonhurst in 2009, Misha became even more passionate about the importance of participating in Jewish community life. He started volunteering with Limmud FSU in 2009, and eventually joined their PR committee. In 2011, he joined the Russian Leadership Division board at UJA Federation of NY and in 2012 he joined the Commission of Jewish Peoplehood of New York. As a programming committee member of RJeneration, Misha plans and helps organize Israel related lectures, film screenings and educational events. In his professional life, Misha works in IT as a system administrator.


Marina Feldman immigrated to New York twenty five years ago from Moscow, Russia. She started to explore her Jewish roots while still in college. Marina went on to be involved in a Jewish community while studying medicine in Israel. Soon after coming back to US she became involved in RJeneration. She recently joined the programming committee and looks forward to organizing exciting events for the Russian-Jewish community


Yelizaveta Rudnitsky came to New York as a kid over twenty years ago from Kiev, Ukraine. She went to Yeshiva for the first eight years of school. Despite this she didn’t really feel connected and didn’t get in touch with her roots and Jewish life till her Taglit Birthright trip, while in college. Liza graduated with a Computer Science & Fine Arts degree and has been working as programmer in the arts for the last 8 years.

After the Birthright trip, she was hooked. Liza attended lectures, seminars, social events and other trips and eventually became a Madrich with the Birthright program. She got very involved in various Russian-Jewish organizations and circles. Unlike in Orthodox Yeshiva she felt as though she fit in and had found her nook in the Jewish world.

Liza got involved with Rjen after attending several of their events. She really liked the social and cultural aspects in combination with the Russian/Jewish element. She joined the organization part of the programming committee, and is enjoying working with like minded and passionate individuals. 


Eugene Zingman immigrated to the United States as a teenager in 1996 from Arzamas, Russia. Growing up in the suburbs of Hartford, CT, he attended University of Connecticut, graduating with a degree in Finance. Shortly thereafter, he moved to NYC where he's been working in the Commercial Real Estate industry ever since.

Attending JAFI and Chabad summer camps for most of his childhood, spurred Zhenya’s interest in the world of Russian Jewry. After going on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip in 2004, he volunteered with the Ezra USA youth movement and completed the Leadership Training Program. As a young adult moving to NYC without a family nearby, he was searching for a community of like-minded individuals to celebrate Jewish holidays and stumbled upon RJeneration, as it was just beginning to grow. He remained an active member of the organization to this day, more recently joining Programming Committee, where he works to organize Volunteering & Fundraising events for the community.


Natan Elman Born in Ukraine, immigrated to United States in 1995 at the age of 14. Graduated University at Pennsylvania with B.A. in Econimics. Worked at Citigroup Global Markets as a senior financial analyst after moving to New York in 2004. Currently is in finance role at MarkitServ, a leading trade confirmation processor. Natan is actively involved in New York Jewish community having completed several Young Jewish Leaders education series.  At RJeneration Natan is responsible for outdoor and active events which include the annual RJeneration Ski Trip and day hikes in the New York Metro area and nearby states.


Anna Gusel was born in Leningrad/St. Petersburg and immigrated to the US as a 9 year old in 1982, in the midst of Reagan's Star Wars and "commie" slurs in the days of the original Red Dawn. 

Moving to Brooklyn and enduring a couple of years in émigré-absorption yeshivot, she quickly assimilated and left all traces of Russian and Jewish behind.  It was not until she was in her late twenties, after a period of extensive travel and inner inquiry, that she came back to examine what it was to be first Jewish, and then this particular strand of Jewish, the Soviet émigré.

In the years since she has delved deeply into Judaism, becoming part of a Hasidic community, living and studying in Israel and experimenting with different forms and ways of being Jewish.  More recently, she began to explore her Soviet roots and their implications and helped to form what is now the RJen community in NY.

Professionally Anna is a business and systems analyst focusing on the environment and climate change mitigation.  She currently lives in (an altogether different) Brooklyn with her husband and three children.




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